the Ipns link team

Somajit dey

Somajit is the original creator of IPNS-Link. He wrote the Bash implementations of IPNS-Link as well as the docs found in the specs repository. He additionally runs a Public Gateway at IPNS Live for everyone to use.

Electro cloud

Electro Cloud is our Javascript coder. He manages the hosting of the project's websites and codes the NodeJS implementation of IPNS-Link Gateway. He additionally manages the project's funds and it's domain as well as other logistics.


Winterhuman is our docs writer, community support member, and project coordinator. He manages the project's Matrix rooms and writes most of the updates posted on GitHub.


Gxnt-Samir is our Golang coder. He codes the Go implementations of IPNS-Link.


Jaguwr is our C and Python coder. He helps with in-depth discussions about changes to IPNS-Link's specs.

Note Jaguwr is currently on a dev break and is not currently participating in the development of IPNS-Link.

Our sponsors

Das and Chaitanya were this project's first sponsors, to them we thank our initial funding and support.

and maybe you?

IPNS-Link is licensed under MIT and is open to contributions. As of writing, we are currently looking for JS and Go developers, you will be required to understand Libp2p and IPFS or be willing to learn in order to contribute. If you're interested, please contact us in our Matrix space to let us know.