Powering the next generation of content hosted on the IPFS network.

About IPNS-Link

IPNS-Link leverages IPFS, a decentralized HTTP replacement, to it's full potential...

  • NAT traversal and decentralised relays allow your services to be reached from nearly anywhere, even if they're behind NATs with dynamic ip-addresses.
  • IPNS-Link Gateways act like a CDN and will resolve IPFS and IPNS URLs, offloading work from you to the IPFS network.
  • Your ip-addresses are hidden from third-parties behind encryption, only IPNS-Link Gateways you decide to trust can access your service.
  • IPNS-Link is simple to deploy and easy to relocate to new devices.

IPNS-Link is simple to setup and start using. If you're interested, read more in our about page.

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You can download IPNS-Link from GitHub to help build the next era of the internet.

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